Spring cleaning & Mother’s Day

The sun is out and it’s inspired me to launch a new look for spring.  Welcome to my new photoblog, which is replacing my oft-neglected mamarazza blog!  This time I’m adding a bit of color to the page, because the severity (not to mention the cliché “I’m an arteeest” aesthetic) of my old black and white design just doesn’t match my personal taste or style.  Although I love a good black-and-white photo, I adore color.  Rich, saturated, vibrant hues make me happy.

To usher in this new colorful world of mine, I bring you:  Mother’s Day!  Part of my Mother’s Day celebration this year included a picnic in the park with good friends.  It also included a pants-less preschooler, due to a good 40 minutes of non-stop play with the water pump at the playground.  (Note:  The lack of pants did not slow him down in the least.)

I mentioned good friends, so of course I have to include at least one picture of a couple of them.  Plus, I have to give some photo credits to my photo-mama partner-in-crime, Mary (Mary Balmaceda Photography).  As much as I’d like to say that I somehow managed to take a picture of my own feet sticking out of the sun tent, I’m simply not that talented.  (Likewise with the picture of me holding my sweet girl.)

Thanks, Mary, for not being afraid to pick up my camera and start taking pictures!  That’s a quality I like a lot in a person*.  Especially a person who is such a fabulous photographer.

*Caveat:  I only like it in a person I know and trust.  This is not an invitation for random strangers to grab my camera and start snapping away.