Mamas with Cameras Workshop

This past weekend, Mary (photographer extraordinaire and founder of the Mamas with Cameras photography group, not to mention a terrific mama and friend) and I co-taught our first Intro to Digital Photography workshop. It was an amazing afternoon filled with fun and attentive mamas who were ready to take the next step toward creating beautiful photos with their digital SLR cameras.  We had such a fun time with these ladies, and I’ve already been impressed with the photos I’ve seen from them!  Mary and I will be offering this Introductory workshop regularly, and we’ll be adding some more advanced workshops so that we can dive deeper into unleashing all of our inner photographers.  I’m looking forward to all of the wonderful women we’ll be meeting, teaching, and learning from!

Here are some photos I took during the workshop. You’ll note that several of the mamas still have their lens caps on while they are looking through their cameras. That’s not a mistake!  They are such experts now that they check out their camera’s settings in the viewfinder.   And the last photo is of one of our fabulously “spudly” models.  A group of these little guys helped us play around with depth of field, shutter speed, and ISO settings.