Now that it’s fall, my two little munchkins are enjoying the leaves and puddles.  One neat thing about leaves and puddles is that both of them are really great for stomping, so we make sure to get out to stomp as much as possible.  Normally I don’t bring my camera along when we are on a stomp-excursion, because stomping + puddles + 3 year old boys = a big mess that my camera is not equipped to withstand.  However, it’s been pretty dry lately so today’s stomping was focused mostly on leaves.  Miss S is a bit tentative about walking on the leaves, but luckily she has her big brother to follow (and she’ll follow him anywhere).  He’s an expert leaf-stomper, so she’s in good hands.

I have to give credit to my fabulous friend and equally fabulous photographer, Judith, for the idea of taking shoe photos.  I’ve loved the shoe photos that she’s taken, and I wanted to get a few pictures of these particular shoes because they are so cute.  Both pairs will be quickly outgrown, so I wanted a way to remember them in all their glory.

Oh, and speaking of cute, we can’t forget the stompers themselves!