Baby girl makes three! {Sneak Peek: Newborn}

I was very lucky to photograph this little lady last month. (And even more exciting — I got to photograph her grand entrance into this world a week earlier! But that’s the topic of another post entirely.) She joined a family full of love, as you can see from the photos below.  Her big sister and brother were so excited to meet her when she was born, and when I came back a week later, their enthusiasm hadn’t been tempered in the least.  I don’t think she’s ever going to have to worry about being lonely!

I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites, so I’m just going to post a bunch. It helps that this is an incredibly patient and photogenic family, but the winning ingredient was that this was a Teachable Moments photo session, so Mom was right there next to me with her camera (and with a ton of fun props and backgrounds).  Plus, this sweet girl is the third child…so Mom was a lot more comfortable taking “risks” (nothing too bad, I promise) to get a good shot.  Here are some of my favorites:

(Sorry, I meant to just post photos from this point on, but I have to interject with some commentary.  Aren’t they gorgeous? And isn’t that cow painting fabulous? I wanted to take it home with me, but it was Mom’s father’s painting so I don’t think she’s willing to give it up.)

And of course I couldn’t resist posting one of the family dogs standing guard over the littlest member of the family.  I think his eyes are saying, “Come any closer and I’ll lick you.” Either that or, “Why am I being forced to sit here when I was nice and comfortable over by the fireplace?”

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  1. w. December 22, 2010 at 10:22 am #

    i love, love these photos, wenmei!
    thank you!!!