It’s a Holly Jolly Christmas {Sneak Peek: Family}

These are some of my favorite people. Although we technically know one another through mutual friends, I consider our real friendship to have begun when we happened to take the same childbirth preparation class at the hospital. So this little guy is my son’s first friend and this mom is my first official “mom friend”. But she’s more than that, because I relied heavily on her good sense and humor to keep my spirits and confidence up as we entered the sometimes terrifying world of stay-at-home-parenting.  And now this terrific family is about to add a little girl to the mix!  What, can’t you tell that mom is due in 20 days?  Isn’t she gorgeous?  No one should be allowed to look this good when they are 37 weeks pregnant.

These aren’t conventional Christmas images, but I chose them because they tell the story of this family as I see them.  They capture the moments of goofiness, tenderness, love, and of course…stubbornness.  (That first one was taken while Mister O considered the pros and cons of smiling for me.  I would expect nothing less from a 3-year old — especially one who is so similar to my own 3-year old in temperament.)  It was such a joy to photograph (i.e. have an excuse to hang out with) these guys, and I can’t wait to meet their newest little Christmas bundle of joy!

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  1. Cheryl Sommer December 10, 2010 at 2:36 pm #

    These are wonderful, wenmei! What a talant you are.