Joe Cool {Sneak Peek: Child & Family}

I had so much fun hanging out with this family last weekend for a holiday mini-session. At first, the little guy wasn’t so sure he was into the whole “photo shoot” thing (especially as it involved dressing up), but he warmed up quickly and really let his personality shine through. What a character!  And how cool does he look in that hat?  You can barely tell that the hat was on the floor within 2 nanoseconds.  Gotta have a fast trigger finger around toddlers!

I’m not going to post any of my favorite family portraits because I don’t want to spoil a potential holiday card, but I do have to add one more peek into this little guy and his parents. I couldn’t stop laughing at his expressions, and this is a classic. Look how much his parents love it too! Theirs is a home that must be filled with laughter and general silliness all the time. In my opinion, that’s the best kind of home there is!