Walk in the Woods {Sneak Peek: Family}

A few days ago, a lovely family joined me and my camera for a walk in the woods. We went to the Arboretum to enjoy the remaining leaves (you could barely tell that the entire city was covered in snow less than a week earlier) and my main challenge was to not get them lost.  Anyone who has hiked with me knows that this is no small feat, especially since I love to get off the main trails to explore.  So I consider it a huge success that I managed to get us all back to the Visitor Center in one try.  And I only made them climb up one wet grassy slope.  And stand in one pile of wet leaves.

My bigger challenge happened once I got home.  Usually when I go through the images from a family session, I can easily get rid of half of them because the kids are either making funny faces or refusing to look at the camera.  Not so with this little guy.  Not only was he a total blast to hang out with, but look at the way he looks right at the camera with those adorable (and totally genuine) grins!  I couldn’t get enough of him.

Of course, it’s obvious where he gets his charm.  Not only is he completely adored by his parents, but he reflects their calm, loving and low-key confidence.  It was really a pleasure to spend the morning with them, to learn about Dinosaur Train, and to try to remember that I was there to take a photographs, not hang out.

I’m not putting all of my favorites on here because I don’t want to spoil the fun (or their holiday card), but I had to include this last shot.  Isn’t he great?