Little Gingerbread Boy {Sneak Peek: Maternity}

(The title of this post will soon make sense, I promise.)

You know those women who are ALL belly when they are pregnant?  The ones you can’t tell are pregnant from behind, and then they turn around and nearly knock you across the room with their belly?  This beautiful Mom-to-be is one of those.  She’s just gorgeous, and she somehow manages to carry a belly that is probably half her weight with grace and poise.  She even smiled gamely as her baby kicked and moved and posed for his first photo shoot, threatening to make his appearance during the session!  Don’t worry little guy — I’ll be back!


I would have loved to have looked even half as glamorous as she does when mere days away from having my first baby!  (Who am I kidding?  I’d like to look half as glamorous right NOW.)

Beautiful Mom

And we can’t forget the other half of the equation here: the Dad-to-be! He was so much fun throughout the photo session — making great suggestions for sometimes wacky shots (the “alien eating the belly” pose is not one I’ve done before) and keeping Mom laughing.  These two clearly adore one another.

Parents-to-be Scrabble Tiles

One thing I loved so much about photographing these guys was their willingness to play. I got so many fun shots, including Belly Scrabble (that’s their baby’s nickname — his real name will not be revealed until he makes his debut).  We also got Mom to practice her “smeyes” on us (it means “smile with your eyes”, as described by former supermodel Tyra Banks).  It’s not easy to smeyes, as any contestant on “America’s Next Top Model” will tell you, but I think this Mom has it mastered.


In the course of a typical photo session, there are often a few outfit changes. Since this was a session focused on Mom and her belly, Mom was the one changing outfits.  However, Dad wanted an outfit change too.  So in the middle of taking some nice quiet shots of Mom looking serenely out the window, in walks this guy:

Gingerbread Man

Mom burst out laughing, and of course I did too. How could you not? And this is how I know that the little guy who is about to join this family is going to have a life filled with love and laughter. Seeing Dad’s crazy sense of humor and watching how Mom couldn’t help but laugh every time makes me very excited for their little boy to meet his parents!

Belly heart

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  1. mama April 2, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    Patti: This is such a beautiful picture – very creative and simply beautiful. You are very good at it now. Wonderful!!!!!