Baby J {Sneak Peek: Baby & Family Photography}

Let me introduce you to one of the sweetest little tough guys you could meet. At 12 weeks old, Baby J is at that perfect age full of smiles (for his mom and dad) and hilarious expressions (for me). He’s not sitting up on his own yet, but he’s pretty happy in his parents’ arms, his Bumbo, or lying down on his beautiful many-colored quilt. He’s so mellow and good-natured you can’t help but want to take him home with you. (Or is that just me?)

Here are a few of my favorites from the session, though it was really hard to pick.  Baby J had a new expression for every single frame and each one was adorable.  This first photo shows him giving me his grumpy face, which I love.  This was taken about halfway through the session, and he was trying to tell us that he was ready for a snack.  (He got a lot more vocal and direct about it shortly after I took this photo.)  And to show that he’s not actually a grumpy baby (not that there’s anything wrong with a grumpy baby), I’m including a more typical expression for him.  Look at the mirth in his eyes!

And of course, you can’t show the center of a universe without showing the universe he rules!  Meet Mom and Dad, the two people Baby J rightfully has wrapped around his tiny little fingers.  Such a beautiful family, with such love, gentleness and strength.  It was truly a pleasure to meet them and have the opportunity to photograph Baby J!