Baby G is here! {Sneak Peek: Newborn Photography}

Here’s the sneak peek I promised you in my last post: Baby G! This is the little guy we were waiting for while we burned our candles.  And wasn’t he totally worth the wait?

Such a perfect little guy, isn’t he?  But of course, we didn’t expect anything less — he did come from the most perfectly cute belly out there (remember “Baby On Board“?)  I was so touched by how in love these two were during their maternity photo session, and seeing them with their first baby was such a treat.  So much love and tenderness — this is a lucky little guy.

And he’s a happy little guy too — full of those sleepy newborn grins.  And look at those little rolls around his wrists!  There’s nothing better than baby rolls…except maybe baby hats.  And Baby G let me put a half dozen different hats on him!  If I hadn’t been smitten with him already, that would have won me over.

What a beautiful family, aren’t they? I wasn’t sure if they could get more beautiful than they were during their maternity photo session, but I was wrong.

And we can’t forget baby feet!  And a hilariously protective dog.  She made sure to put herself between me and the baby at all times.  And it’s not like I’m a stranger — I’ve known her for over 7 years!  But apparently that doesn’t matter when it comes to a new baby in the family (which is exactly how it should be — our dog did the same thing for both of our babies).

A couple more photos of this gorgeous family.  You two have made a perfect little boy together, and I feel so lucky that I can be a part of this time as your family grows and changes!