Sunshine and Memories

I’ve lived in Seattle for a long time, but I did take a wonderful sun-filled break to live in the Bay Area for four years.  I headed down there for a new job and ended up gaining an entirely new lifestyle — one that included hiking without Gortex, camping without a rain fly, skiiing in the morning and surfing the same afternoon, gorgeous beaches, working on a horse ranch, and lots of sushi.  (Well, I’ve always had lots of sushi as part of my lifestyle.)

When I went back to SF for some photo shoots and a friend’s half-marathon last October, I took the opportunity to head out on my own in my rental car and visit some of my favorite places.  I started with coffee and a long walk on the beach and in the hills of Pacifica (which is where I used to live) and then headed down Highway 1, stopping at the beaches, farm stands, and various local haunts I love.  I had lunch at my favorite sushi place in Half Moon Bay (oh how I miss you, Sushi Main Street) and enjoyed a drink at the San Gregorio General Store before heading back north to the city.  It was a wonderful day and probably the most rejuvenating thing I’ve done for myself in years.  I was sorry to have to leave.