Waiting for Baby {Sneak Peek: Maternity Photography}

I think these are my favorite sneak peeks ever: belly photos. It’s not only a sneak peek into the photos from the session, but it’s a sneak peek into what’s awaiting these excited/scared/serene/confident/nervous/giddy <insert any of a million possible adjectives> parents!  And I love what this photos shows about this particular couple.  Standing side by side, hands intertwined, they are ready to start this adventure.  Together.

When I was a couple weeks away from my due date, the last words you’d use to describe me were “serene” and “confident”.  But this couple exudes both qualities.  I mean, look at this mama! Not only is she still doing a million things (getting a new business off the ground during her third trimester? I could barely get my feet off the ground during my third trimester!), but she’s so calm and relaxed.  And dad? Well, despite the fact that he doesn’t like to have his photo taken, he’s pretty chill too.  (I love how this photo of the two of them gives sort of a rock star vibe, with mama’s self-assured stance and dad’s mellow and relaxed expression.)

Look at that perfect round belly!  And look how he adores her.  Dad wasn’t a huge fan of looking at the camera, but he was more than happy to look at his wife.  And why wouldn’t he be?  She’s gorgeous!

Baby was doing a lot of moving around during this photo session, so I’m excited to see what the newborn session will be like!  And I’m looking forward to meeting this little one, who is so lucky to already be surrounded with such love, calm and strength.   Stay tuned!