Chilly Fun {Sneak Peek: Seattle Family Photography}

Brrr!  That’s what I said when I got out of the car for my early morning session with this lovely family.  We were lucky to have a gorgeous sunny day, and the fall foliage was still plentiful and vibrant (you never know when it’ll disappear around here — one good windstorm and POOF! all the trees are bare), but there was frost on the grass when we got started.  Luckily we were able to stay relatively warm by walking around and playing in the leaves.

I really enjoyed this particular family session because the children reminded me so much of my own, except these guys didn’t have the “mommy camera defense mechanism” which causes my children to make funny faces or run away.  They were such great sports, even though it was freezing cold and they weren’t wearing their coats for most of the morning!  The whole family did a great job looking fabulous and comfortable despite the near-freezing temperatures — don’t they look like a family out of a magazine?