Ham & Cheese {Sneak Peek: Child Photography}

Could these girls be any more fun?  They are the perfect combination of sweet and absolutely hilarious…and of ham and cheese (that’s what their mom called them, and it’s my new favorite nickname).  And guess which photo mom picked for the front of their holiday card.  Yep, the one with the funny faces (#3).  So you see where they get their great sense of humor.

I wish I could show you all of the photos from this session — but then it wouldn’t be a sneak peek, it would be a gallery viewing (and I’m barely fitting into the sneak peek category as it is).  The photos I left out include the series where big sis was the art director.  She started with mom and dad pretending they were asleep while little sis frowned and she (big sis) made a scary face.  Then she mixed it up.  I might need to hire her as an assistant.

Sit back and enjoy some ham & cheese, knowing that this is just a small taste of the hilarity these girls brought!